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In Stille - Short Documentary


Director. Juliane Taudt

Dop. Marco Lowes

Edit. Nikolaus Kohler

Color. Nadia Khairat Gómez and David Castañón

Full credits on Vimeo

Technical specs

Aspect Ratio: 3:2

Format: Super 35, Digital

Shot on: Red Komodo with Richard Gale Clavius Primes

Silence, because that's what surrounds you when it happens.
Silence that stays with you. Forever.
Silence because you don't talk "about it".

The desire to have a child. It's a warm feeling, an exciting tingle. The great hope. But the desire to have children can also be deep pain, endless emptiness and the darkest time of life. Many experience it, but only a few talk about it. Unfulfilled desire to have children is not a taboo, it is a reality.

In this film three women tell their story.

The desire for a child accompanied by six miscarriages until finally giving up.
A desire to have children, with the certainty that you will never be able to have one's own child.
A desire to have a child that began in great happiness and then ended in a tragedy.

All three women have experienced different things, but they are united by one thing: deep pain.

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