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Urban Sports Club - TVC


Director. Sebastian Kortmann

Dop. Marco Lowes

Production. CNDY Films 

Edit. Luca Röser

Color. Lutz Forster

Full credits on Vimeo

Technical specs

Aspect Ratio: 3:2

Format: Full Frame, Digital

Shot on: Alexa Mini LF with Arri Signature Primes

"Telling motion and dynamic without a moving camera was the approach for this years Urban Sport Club TVCs. A special, intense, unusual and interesting way to tell a story for a sport centric brand. Gladly Marco Lowes (DOP) and myself had some days in advance to get together, plan shots and framing, get a feeling for perspectives and make a bullet proof shotlist. Happy about two different versions of the TVC. This is the Directors Cut" - Sebastian Kortmann

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